The Corporate Finance Group (CFG) – a specialist corporate finance house

london-1CFG is a UK Corporate Finance Boutique focused on the provision of corporate advice, project management and funding for companies who wish to take advantage of the liquidity of the UK financial markets. We have offices in the U.K. and partner offices overseas. We boast a very experienced management team with many years of success.

We specialise in mining, minerals, oil and gas & aviation, but we also boast multi sector experience especially with governments in emerging countries.

We provide the following services:

    • Corporate Finance
    • Debt and equity funding
    • Government Sovereign Funds
    • Feasibility Studies for Government
    • Mining and Minerals funding
    • Oil and gas Finance
    • Aviation infrastructure projects
    • Aviation asset sales and financing (fixed wing and rotor)
    • Company Sales and Acquisitions

We are independently owned and controlled by management. Funds, Sovereign Funds and Government backed projects are our areas of real expertise. Since day one, the company has specialised in offering a complete solution to our clients’ objectives through our own proven team in the UK, an extensive network of investors and funding institutions and our small group of experienced corporate associates.

The emphasis throughout the Group is on a professional and personalised service and we seek to offer our expertise both responsively and pro-actively. We believe that our greatest asset is the competence, experience, vigour and commitment of our team and delivering!

Please feel free to contact us on (+44) 0203 30 300 30 or through one of our offices.